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I was thinking the other day about getting past our OLD SELF, better yet our old behaviors.  Moving away from some of our old characteristics/habits may be easier than other defects we have which are more ingrained or buried deeper within us.  I have noticed there are times when we can be emotionally injured, financially challenged, or just plain ole stressed out! At some of those moments we are squeezed and the OLD SELF/OLD BEHAVIORS leak out unnoticed by us, however recognized by those closest to us.  What can we do? My suggestions are instead of being upset about it, look at as an opportunity for continued within ourselves. We are never going to be perfect, just work in progress.  Remember, the work we must do or want to do on ourselves is difficult if we are not staying clean and sober.  Getting clean and sober is the beginning of the process. If you find yourself needing assistance please contact our office @ 253-246-1613 or our website  AAHAASUPPORTIVEHOUSING.COM GOD BLESS YOU ALL, Mark.