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I hope this finds you in a safe, warm and compassionate place.  If not please feel free to reach out to us.  I have noticed in addiction and mental health when we are in the throws of our addiction or consumed by our mental health crisis that it is at times very hard to see reality.  It is almost like we are in a BUBBLE or a small glass globe (similar to a goldfish) where everyone can see us and how we are living, however, we may/won’t see “US” in the same light, from the same perspective.  Why do you think that is? When we are in this BUBBLE, we lose sight of ourselves and wellbeing.  We might even think “we are doing good or we are ok”, however the reality is “WE ARE STRUGGLING” to keep swimming around in this bowl.  We are in need of some support, assistance and/or help.  It’s truly ok to ask for help.  It does take courage and strength, but the outcome of asking is way better then the path we are on.  Just ask, that is all it takes! You can do it!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!! YOU DESERVE IT!! GOD LOVES YOU!!