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I am hopeful today simply because of how I choose to live my life today.  I have both God and sobriety in my life today.  However, it doesn’t mean life is always easy.  As a matter of fact, life is very challenging at times.  Due to my relationship with God and my sobriety I can navigate through those challenges better when needed.  It wasn’t alway like that for me…I struggled with a lot of things and my default coping skill was alcohol and drugs.  Which at the time, I did not realize that coping with my problems that way would just add more layers for me to deal with in addition to my existing problems.  Drugs and Alcohol has never improved my life or made the things I needed to deal with go away, it just postpone them for later date.  I could not take care of the problems and responsibilities consistently until I decided to get help and stay clean and sober.  If you are in need of assistance or know someone who is in need,  please feel free to contact our office @ 253-246-1613.  God Bless you and Keep you. Mark