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Hello All, 

I have been thinking about who we become when we are not sober, struggling in our addiction and our mental health is in jeopardy as well.  Are we responsible people? Are we kind people?  Are we good parents?  Are we able to be a good friend?  How about a good brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin? Do we pay attention to the things in our lives which are truly important?  Or, at these times, are other things in the way?  Here’s a thought, how much are we showing ourselves true love and kindness during these times?  Probably not as much or as often as we should.  There is a way for us to become a better version of ourselves…and too those who matter (should matter) to us.  You can do it…just reach out! 253-246-1613.  Love yourself enough to ask for help.  You deserve it! You can do it! People in your life love and care about you and are hurting for you whether you realize it or not.  God loves you.  God bless you, Mark.