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What kind of habits do you have?  Are they old unhealthy habits?  Are those old habits keeping you stuck in unhealthy routines?  When I think about old habits, I think about a time when I was really unhealthy.  I remember waking up in my disease and going to sleep in my disease.  In those times most of my habits revolved around my disease and were unhealthy.  Today, I wake up, pray, drink a cup of coffee, exercise, shower and begin my day. There are some variations too those items occasionally.  However, for me, I had to practice these routines countless times and in the beginning it was like learning how to live all over again differently.  There were times when it was REAL hard to execute these things.  It was almost like tasks or checking off a list at first.  They didn’t have a lot of meaning other than someone suggested them to me in order to build healthy routines and unlearn my old habits.

In the very beginning I was told when I awoke to write down 3 gratefuls daily, read the 3rd step prayer, make my bed, check in with my sponsor and go to a meeting.  Sounds simple, but those routines were very difficult to do day in and day out.  Those old habits wanted to take over at times and I had to be reminded in order to live differently, I needed to practice these things to build a foundation of healthy routines.  Today, my routines are the foundation of my day.  Those simple items which I try to do on the daily, sets the stage for my day and keeps me on the right path. I am grateful for the continued practice of these things which keeps me in the right space.  It is by the Grace of God that I am able to do these things today and I still continually practice my healthy routines.  It is all about practice!! You can do it!! God bless you, Mark.