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I wanted to touch on relationships for a moment and the differences between good(healthy) relationships and bad(unhealthy) relationships.  I think at times I had those two confused.  I thought my old acquaintances (friends) we my golden relationships.  I thought those were people I could trust, confide in, look to for sound advice, bounce things off regarding relationship issues…lol.  Well, it took me awhile, however, I finally learned that those old acquaintances(friends) were not the kind of folks which I could use to enhance my life from a relationship standpoint.  I was actually unhealthy, so my choices around friends and relationships reflected my current state of spirit, mind and body. Once I started to change those relationships and move away from unhealthy to healthy relationships my choices, decisions and how I worked through life problems started to drastically improve.  Have I perfected life and life change? HECK NO!!  However, with the new relationships I have developed today, I am much improved in decision making. in addition to how I handle some life things.  I will leave you with this…someone once told me to make a list of the people in my life (relationships), then highlight anyone who brings chaos or drama to my life.  Then I was told once I identified who those folks were, I should remove them from my circle.  The suggestion was fantastic, however, it was hard to do.  Once I did moved forward, things really improved for me!  God bless you all! If you are in need of assistance please contact us @ 253-246-1613.