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How powerful is the feeling of HOPE?  How painful can it be when we lose HOPE?  How dark can it become for us when we feel like there is no HOPE?  Can we get suck there in that dark place?! Within our addiction and mental health challenges, we can rapidly lose ourselves in hopelessness and begin to feel like there is no way out, no way back, and/or we will never heal.  This is how powerful the disease of addiction can be and how low we can sink in our mental state. However, let me assure you….THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!!! Any other way is final, and you/we can never go back…however, with 1 phone call, 1 email HOPE can be found and the light can begin to shine!!! NEVER EVER LOSE HOPE…please call us @ 253-246-1613 and let’s figure this out together.  If you’re in crisis please call 911.  God loves you and I am certain someone else does too!!  HOPE is REAL!!!