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I wanted to share a couple of things with you.  First I wanted to ask what path are you on now?  Secondly how do we determine if the path we are on is good, healthy and healing?  Sometimes it can seem like we are on the right path…heck it may feel like that as well.  However, if we stop for a minute an ask this one question ” is my LIFE improving currently”? If the answer that we find within ourselves is hard do determine, maybe not, or no! Then that would be a good indicator that our current path may not be the best path for us at this time.  Then, what are the options?

  When I was struggling I found my best option was to seek help.  For me, that meant inpatient treatment. I could not stop long enough to help myself.  I needed REAL help.  You know what….that was a great decision for me!! It feels so good to live without substances in my system. The path to treatment for me was the right path.  Is that the path for you?  Could your life improve from seeking treatment?  Give us a call and lets find out…253-246-1613.  God Bless you and your path! Mark