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I am hopeful for each and every one of you.  Some times we can delay or progress by simply choosing the easier path. Sometimes the difficult CHOICE is uncomfortable, unfamiliar, unrecognizable, and just down right hard to do! What does that mean for us as individuals?  There’s the old sayings “live and learn”, “we learn for our experiences”….which I used to tell my Grandfather quite a few times while I was struggling at making the correct CHOICE. 

I’ll never forget the one time I was home from college and my Grandfather and I were outside working in his yard.  We were discussing an issue I had and the outcome had already arrived (which was just like he said it would go) and my response to it (in all my young wisdom lol) was ” sometimes I have to learn from my own experiences”.  I remember his reply like it was today, “If you would learn to listen to some of my suggestions I could save you from some of those “bad experiences”! I look back now and say…only if I would have listened to the guidance I was offered so freely back then.  I get it today!! However, how many times are we going to be offered the actual solution to part of our problem and ignore it, until we CHOOSE to go out and have that BAD experience?

Do we really need to learn that way?  Is there a better path that could propel us forward in a positive way? Are there suggestions, advice, and/or instruction given to us that we should follow?  What would be the outcome if we listened to people in our lives who truly just want to assist us?  How much time, grief, pain and suffering would we be spared as individuals?  Can we/you make the CHOICE to not only listen, but do something constructive with the advice given to you?  God bless you with this decision of CHOICE!