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Is pride good or bad? Is being prideful a good thing?  Well I would suggest that being prideful around a job well done, or an accomplishment is a healthy thing.  However, PRIDE can set us back from moving forward in our recovery.  We can be SO prideful that we stop short of asking for help, or admitting too someone who we may have in our life that can tell us what we need to hear vs what we may want to hear, which we really are in need of.  PRIDE can stand in our way like a door locked shut. PRIDE if not checked and right sized, can keep us stuck in our current circumstances. PRIDE can prevent us from finding the glimmer of HUMILITY that seems to be vital in discovering our path of recovery.  Does PRIDE stand in your way?  Are you making decisions based upon PRIDE.  Is PRIDE preventing you from getting help? Unlock the door of PRIDE and let those in who can assist you with change.  We don’t have to do it on our own! If you need assistance call us @ 253-246-1613.  It is just a phone call! God Bless you all, Mark.