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Hello All, 

I’ve noticed at times things come my way which I may not like, but I have to ACCEPT.  I am able to do that now (most of the time…lol), however, I’ve learned that I really don’t have control.  When I was in my addiction, I thought I could control things and especially my addiction.  However, when my life actually spun out of control, I lost my self respect and my self esteem and there was no control of that or regaining it in my addiction.  The disease had me, and I finally had to come to terms with (ACCEPTANCE) that I needed some real help.  It was during this time of brokenness that I was able to find ACCEPTANCE of the help being offered and I was not going to have real chance of change unless I ACCEPTED the help.  You see ACCEPTANCE is actually the realization of we are not in control and it’s a understanding that things are going to be OK no matter what.  Things are going to come our way which we struggle with, but if we move to ACCEPTANCE, then we will find some peace in the middle of the storm.  If you need help ACCEPT your circumstances and just reach out…there is help to be given.  God bless you ALL!!