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I hope this finds you in a place of readiness.  Holidays can be a tough time of year for the those of us who struggle with co-occuring issues.  There may have been times when we’ve burned a bridge or two with loved ones, friends, and even children.  Due to those broken bridges we may not be able to see or spend time with those we care about the most.  Those circumstances/realities are very painful to deal with.  What kind of coping skills do we use to handle those things. Is this a struggle for you?  Are you feeling alone for the holidays?  Are you in a place in your heart/head where you would like to make some changes to your life in order to spend the holidays going forward differently?  We can assist you with that desire/need.  Just give us a call 253-246-1613.  There is another way, a lot of men and women have already repaired those bridges and relationships by making that same call and asking for help.  We are praying for you, God bless you! Mark-