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Hello All, 

Have you every noticed that sometimes we have to take a step back to actually move forward?  For instances, we have certain things which can be triggers for us (emotional, financial, relationships etc.).  What I’ve learned that it is helpful to step back and take a look at those things and try to gain a mindfulness of those feelings when they bubble up.  Also, by stepping back, we can look inward to see if we may be in need of some sort of healing which needs to take place (with some guidance).  To really MOVE FORWARD, we have to review our hurts, habits and hang-ups from the past.  If those things go unresolved for us, we will continue to wrestle with those and the outcomes for a long time in one way or another.  Truly MOVING FORWARD is a process and at times a path which requires us to step back and look within.  If you are in need of assistance please feel free to reach out to us 253-246-1613. God Bless you and your path.  Mark