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Have you or anyone you know struggled with PERFECTION?  Trying to be perfect is a real difficult task.  I don’t know anyone who is perfect or has perfected anything.  I guess I should say except Jesus.  Sometimes we place a ton of pressure upon ourselves trying to be perfect.  One way we do this is by pushing ourselves to live a perfect life of recovery.  The problem which I’ve noticed is that when things aren’t perfect or we struggle during our walk of recovery, at times can feel like we are never going to make it or succeed. I am here to tell you, less than 1 percent of the people in recovery become clean/sober for the very first time and stay that way the rest of their lives.  PERFECTION is an illusion. The best one can do is to get up, dust themselves off when they stumble and move forward.  If you want to practice PERFECTION, practice dusting yourself off and moving forward when things aren’t perfect.  To me the grace we receive from that simple strategy is PERFECTION today.  Lighten up on yourself and understand it’s ok not to be perfect today. God bless you all, Mark