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Do you ever stumble upon Grace?  If so, how does it feel?  How does it feel when someone or a circumstance allows for Grace?  Sometimes, that is the best gesture anyone or anything can give us…right!!?  I was just speaking with a client who is really struggling and they said, “their life sucks”! I responded by saying do you have a place to live, food to eat, bed to sleep in?  Are you living on the streets?  “They said yes I have ALL that” “And no…I am not living on the streets”!  They lost their job, have no money due to the disease of addiction, however, by the Grace of God, they do have what they need.  Furthermore, the longer they are sober the more blessings that will come their way.  We might loose a few things along the way on the path of recovery (especially when we fall off), however, God’s continued Grace is sufficient. He will provide what is needed.  STAY CLEAN AND SOBER FOR TODAY! God bless you all, Mark.