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Have you ever been faced with uncertainty, a choice regarding a path forward, and/or just not sure what to do next? Well I can assure you I have and when I turned it over, I found out that everything went just as it should have gone.  I found out that God had a plan and He was faithful.  However, sometimes letting go and letting God, is a tough task for us.  It requires a certain amount of faith/trust.  Based upon our past experience’s, our trust mechanism’s, may be broken or fractured.  Then how do we move forward?  How do we find faith/trust in our situation today? Well at some point, we may have to lean into the faith/trust option and just try it for a different (positive/experience).  Once we receive the gift of faith/trust we will be more inclined to repeat it.  If you are facing a uncertain road/choice and need guidance don’t be afraid to pray and if needed give us a call 253-246-1613 we can talk. God bless you all, Mark