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Hello All, 

How do we handle “Speed Bumps” in life today?  What do you consider to be a “Speed Bump” in life today?  I had a person just the other day actually make reference to an issue in his life as a “Speed Bump”.  When I think about driving over a “Speed Bump”, I usually begin at slowing down first before I go over it.  I have went over a “Speed Bump” at almost full speed, and my head hit the top of the roof in my car as a result of not slowing down.  I don’t think my vehicle liked the encounter much either.   What I have discovered is, if I slow down enough, then that momentary bump in the road(life), can be managed a heck of a lot better, then if I’m rolling at full speed.  I am able to think better, feel, manage my emotions more evenly, and even make good choices around how to handle that momentary “Speed Bump” which can surface from time to time.  Life is full of surprises and unexpected circumstances, however if we slow down enough we have the ability to navigate those “Bumps”(in life) a lot easier.   If you are in need of Supportive Housing please reach out to us @ 253-246-1613.  Remember, slow down…YOU CAN DO IT! God bless you, Mark.