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Have you ever been “MOVED” in a way where you noticed GOOSE BUMPS on your body, arms, legs etc.?  I was having a conversation with a young lady today and through her conversation about herself I became aware of an image of her helping others with her powerful story and it gave me GOOSE BUMPS (she is SPECIAL).  For me I know it was the holy spirit revealing the truth in her story and path.  There are times in my life where certain things move me in a way which assures me God is with me and present in all that we do.  I want to tell you that you are SPECIAL!! There are big plans for you that you may be unaware of due to your current situation or circumstances.  Do not fear!! You are SPECIAL and LOVED.  Reach out to us or someone for help, your story once told will not only be powerful, but it can surly add value and change someone’s life!! God Bless you all!! Mark