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Project Roomkey Sheltered Thousands Of California’s Homeless Residents. Will The Model Live On Post-Pandemic?


What you see here is my mom….Lana.  My mother has been homeless for off an on 25+ years.  I remember when I first saw this article on Monday, my sister called to tell me she heard the interview on the radio…PNR. When I got home from work that same day I pulled up the article, read it, emailed the reporter and asked for the audio & actual story.  The reporter (Chris) was wonderful not only in sending me the info, but was very gracious in how he interviewed my mother and her friend Mary.  Why am I sharing this with you all?  Well it’s simple, for about 24 hours after I saw this story I started to question “WHAT AM I DOING, IF I CAN’T HELP MY OWN MOTHER, DOES ALL THIS REALLY MATTER”!? Well after some serious prayer and reflection, because of people like my mother, are exactly why I am supposed to do this! Also, It was revealed to me, that there are certain things we need to take into consideration if we really want to make a difference in peoples lives who are chronically homeless, who suffer from mental health issues, and SUD (substance abuse disorders).  We need to look beyond how we are doing things, the processes used, along with how we are utilizing current resources and language.  We need to do something WAY different then we are doing today if we are going to make a difference.  I have just the idea/solution.  Stay tuned…”With Christ all things are possible”! Stay blessed and remember, if you need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.  253-735-0665