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Wanted to check in, it has been a few weeks since my last update regarding my mom.  I can tell you it has been a rough ride since then.  Sometimes life sure has a way of coming at us hard even when we are sober.  I remember when I used to think that as soon as I got clean and sober life would be smooth sailing.  Have you ever thought along those lines before?  Did life throw you a curve ball?? Well, it felt like I was hit by the actual pitch! lol I know now that life isn’t always pink clouds and smooth sailing.  Sometimes life can hit me all at once.  Recently, I had to use almost every tool that I knew of to navigate those rough waters and find a calm sea.  I had to get myself to a quite place(lake), pray, journal, pray, meet with a support person, cry, do some meditation, and workout just to name a few coping skills.  Well I did ALL that and then some and here I am!! Still standing Still clean and sober!! Life isn’t always easy, and we are going to go through difficult times, it’s how we handle those circumstances and emotions which will determine the outcome of those moments in our lives.  Get to a quite place where you can decompress and allow your emotions to settle like a calm sea.  God bless you all and keep to your path.  If you need assistance please reach out to us 253-735-0665. Mark