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As I was sitting here with sweat literally dripping down my face and head, I received a friendly reminder that I have not blogged anything for “24 days to be exact”.  Reason…just put it at the bottom of the list.  Or may be it wasn’t even on the list recently?  Has that ever happened to you when things you should do, you place them on the bottom of the list only to forget about the importance in doing them?  I was sitting in our lobby, air-conditioning broken, sweating and then I found myself thanking the Lord because this is exactly what men and women are currently experiencing with the exception of no shelter to seek.  They are out there stuck in their addiction and circumstances.  I bet a some point, some of them may have even thought about seeking some sort of assistance and decided to pursue it later.  Therefore, they are stuck on this path of suffering and exposure to elements (HEAT).  It is important we seek the assistance when we feel we need it…we STAY THE COURSE to help and safety. Do not let others distract you from the assistance which awaits.  Restoration is just a phone call away!! STAY THE COURSE and get some help.  God bless you all, Mark