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Hello All, 

Have you ever had a hard time managing your emotions?  Have you ever said something you wish you could take back?  How about reacting in a way which you wish you could go back and change?  Well, I am here to tell you managing emotions are one of the hardest things which I had to learn to do.  Guess what!!?? I am still learning.  I had a very good friend tell me not so long ago, “it’s sure is hard being a Christian”.  Shortly after that, he went on to say, something about Grace.  Well it is always easier to see things more clearly when we are on the outside looking in.  However, when we are caught up in the emotion, we are literally in the bubble-on the wave, if you will.  If we think of our emotions like waves in the ocean, some really big (tsunami size) and some just a little choppy, we can learn to “ride the wave” so to speak.  If we allow those emotions to just roll through us and sit still until that huge wave breaks….then you will have calm.  I have learned personally, this works best for me.  

However, as I mentioned earlier, I am still learning how to surf!  If you need help or assistance, please feel free to contact us @ 253-735-0665.  God bless you ALL!! Mark