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Hello All, 

Have you ever thought that your way was the best way?  Have you ever received some feedback or pushback and decided to do things your way instead of really considering the advice being given?  I can remember several times in my life certain people saying “just listen to me”, “I’m trying to help you”.  I remember one distinct conversation I was having with my Grandpa many years ago, when he had given me some advice long before and I didn’t listen.  I still remember my exact words in reply, “some times you have to learn from your experiences Grandpa”(in all my infinite wisdom lol).  I have never forgotten his reply to my philosophical stance…he said, “well, if you’d listen to me I can save you from some of those bad experience’s you are having due to not listening”.  His name was Al (like the wise old Owl…aka AL).  This is how I see him today.  Along with how naive and immature I really was back then.  I have learned to run my big decisions (and some little ones too) by others and God.  I wait and look forward to the pushback and feedback so that I may make more informed decision today.  Some times my thinking isn’t always the best….how’s yours?  If you need assistance please feel free to call us @ 253-735-0665.  God bless you all! Mark