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Hello All, 

The subject today is FITNESS…how is your FITNESS level?  Do you feel fit!!?  Well, you probably wonder what I mean by FITNESS?  I believe there are different areas of FITNESS.  Although “Physical FITNESS” is probably one of the first forms which come to mind.  However, I am referring to Spiritual FITNESS.  I believe our Spiritual FITNESS is just as important if not more than any other form of FITNESS.  Does it not say in the Big Book…”It’s a spiritual condition”?  I don’t know about you, but if my spirit isn’t right, then I’m not right. I have to do things regularly to keep my Spiritual FITNESS up just as one would for their Physical FITNESS. As I work on my spiritual condition among other things, I find my mind improves, thoughts improve, responses improve, more grace, and forgiveness seems to go along with my spiritual FITNESS.  Worry and anxiety fade and are replaced by assurance and faith.  Our fight is against this dark force of Spiritual War Fare…this thing called ADDICITION. Keep up the fight!! This is what works for me.  God bless you all, Mark.