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Hello All, 

Have you ever felt like you were confined to a “BOX”?  Almost like you were trapped and could not get out? Felt like you were stuck?  Everywhere was a dead end?  I know a “BOX can seem like there’s no way out. However, just remember a “BOX” is just that, a cardboard “BOX”, and one can break out if needed. Cardboard is reinforced paper and can be cut, torn, punched through or just simply pushed open.  We do not have to stay trapped in the “BOX”.  There is so much more on the outside for us to see and do.  People to connect with, places to visit, family to see and help for us who need it.  If we still feel like we are trapped in that “BOX” then we can reach out to someone, there is always someone who can help us open the “BOX”.  Our lives are meant for so much more.  You are worth it, and you can do this!!! If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us @ 253-735-0665.  God Bless you all, Mark.