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Hello All, 

I have noticed over the years that around the Holiday time, things get tough for some of us?  Have you ever struggled with the Holidays or a particular Holiday?  There are certain reasons we struggle during these times. A lot of the struggle seems to be emotionally.  How do you handle the Holidays?  Where do you go? Do you spend them alone, with family, friends or maybe you do not celebrate them for one reason or another? I can assure you that there are healthy ways to cope with the feeling of the Holiday season.  Some folks go to meetings, some folks reach out to others, some folks go to church some of us talk with counselors for extra and additional support.  For me, it is good to be around others who need to talk/share about their Holiday experience’s and feelings.  If we keep it bottled up, then typically we won’t use our healthy coping skills to navigate the emotions which pop up for us.  Holidays won’t always be this way, they won’t always be hard, it is just the moment we are dealing with which is difficult, however, with support and our willingness we can overcome these moments and move forward. God helps me with almost everything…my hope for you is, you’ll find what you need in order to move forward through this moment.  Do not be afraid to reach out.  May God bless you and your path forward. Mark