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I feel like it has been awhile…maybe it has.  I wanted to touch base and speak about “FOLLOW THROUGH” as it relates to our paths of change and sobriety. What I’ve learned is that “FOLLOW THROUGH” is very very important!!  Think about it…how many times did we miss appointments, deadlines, commitments, birthdays, holidays, special occasions, work, interviews, etc.  The list can go on and on. We always had/have an excuse. Which may have seemed justified or rationalized, however, the simple fact is that we lacked “FOLLOW THROUGH”.  Most of it had to do with our disease and being sick.  Now that we are getting healthy and walking a different path, “FOLLOW THROUGH” has to be important enough for us to live out day in day out.  We will accomplish little, if we do not “FOLLOW THROUGH”.  Sometimes, we may put too many things on our plate and simply become overwhelemed…do you ever feel like this?  If this is the case maybe the solution is to take a couple things off our plate and slow down?? Maybe, it’s time to reach out and ask for some suggestions/assistance?  Wherever you are on your path….even if you have temporarily stumbled off the path, you can always reach out for help.  Simply by doing so, you are FOLLOWING THROUGH!!  God bless you all!! Mark