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Hello Everyone!! Hope you are all doing well and being blessed. Have you ever struggled with “History”?  Family “History”? World “History”? Self “History”? How about “History” of others’? Me…yes at times, I have struggled with the word and meaning of “History”.  Especially when it came to my own path on the “History” plain. I believe today, without the struggle, peaks, valleys, slips, falls, injuries sustained while on the path, I would not be where I am today.  Today…I love my story and even more importantly my “History”.  Doesn’t mean I am perfect, but I am grateful for the “History” in my story and what that “History” means to me.  We should not be ashamed of our “History” because it has shaped who we are today and who we are becoming. We can do great things to help others with our own “History”. Embrace your “History”! God bless you all. Mark