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TRUSTING is sometimes difficult don’t you think? Although, we may Trust to a degree, do you ever fully Trust?  Do you ever doubt? Do you ever wonder should I double check this or that? There are times when certain situations arise, personal/business when you are presented with some information/circumstance and deep inside question the authenticity of the info, and/or possible outcome? Have you ever been in a financial situation when you’ve extended yourself and wonder how you are going to make ends meet the following month? I believe there are certain things out of our control which are necessary. In-order to proceed forward I have to Trust in God (Faith) in His provision and His knowing what I need and when I need it. What I want, may not align with what I need. I have to Trust that however that manifests itself, the outcome is exactly what I needed and what God intended for me. Although this is easily written, it is very hard at times to internalize and accept when you/I am in the middle of it. Trust is a delicate thing…it can easily be broken down by others and circumstances, however, if I continue to Trust in God and lean into Faith, then I can accept the outcome as His Will for me. Have a blesse day everyone, and if you need help please call us @ 253-735-0665. Mark