Bellevue Family Housing


If you are looking for family housing in Bellevue, WA, then you need to consider AAHAA Sober Living. Our Bellevue family housing is the best in the region since it has ensured various transformational instances for people experiencing drug and alcohol addiction.

Alongside household obligations, occupants are encouraged to contribute to a wide range of activities offered at our Bellevue family housing.

We also encourage persons in our Bellevue family housing to seek employment, engage in educational and volunteer opportunities. Most people who come to our Bellevue family housing move out as transformed and ready to begin a new chapter of life.

Our programs include:

  • Low income family housing
  • Affordable family housing
  • Family housing programs
  • Family housing services

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Bellevue family housing, please get in touch with AAHAA Sober Living today!

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Bellevue Transitional Home


The critical objective of our Bellevue transitional home is to ensure a continued success of our customers and help them with adjusting to life outside of the treatment facility.

Our Bellevue transitional home is safe, gender-specific living environment, where staff and client work together as a community to assist one another in providing skills, strength, and experiences needed to adapt to a sober and clean life.

With the assistance of the other supervisory staff and residents, our outpatient customers who choose our Bellevue transitional home, are encouraged to remain drug and alcohol free.

This helps to maintain a 12-step program, at our Bellevue transitional home.

Our Bellevue transitional home services include:

  • Men’s transitional home
  • Transitional home for homeless
  • Transitional housing
  • Transitional home for women

Are you wondering where to get the best Bellevue transitional home? This is the right place! Call AAHAA Sober Living today and we will assist!

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Bellevue Sober Homes


A common fault concerning Bellevue sober homes in the region is that they are aimed for homeless people. This fallacy could not be further from the reality. Bellevue sober homes are designed for both men and women, young people, who are serious about soberness.

Bellevue sober homes are a post-operative care stage of recovery giving improved support, but without doubt a step down from the serious residential recovery program.

Bellevue sober homes give the people a chance to heal their regular "everyday" life and re-enter the world after rehabilitation. The best Bellevue sober homes charge only a fee for food, rent and therapy.

Our Bellevue sober homes offer:

  • Sober homes for young adults
  • Sober living house
  • Sober homes for women
  • Sober homes for men

Are you searching for Bellevue sober homes? Look no further since we are the leading in the region. Call AAHAA Sober Living today and we will assist!

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