Message From Mark April 2020

Mark Hampton

2/6/20201 min read

Hello All,
I know these are trying and unsettled times, however if we learned anything in recovery we learned to trust the process. I do trust the process and I have faith in God. I know God will see us through. While our regular self-care outlets may be disrupted, there are many more virtual resources, along with sponsors’, mentors’, small group leaders, members…lots of folks we can reach out too for processing. Stay mindful that things are going to get brighter and better ahead.

For those of you who would like to assist the men and women we serve please feel free to “donate” on our site. We would like to establish a fund for those who may be struggling due to job loss or work reduction. When making the donation please note in the tab of what you would like the money used for. Thank you all for your support and God bless you, Mark.

- Mark

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