Bellevue Transitional Housing


Are you looking for transitional housing near Bellevue, WA? AAHAA Sober Living has a working Bellevue transitional housing model that uses a proven mix of accountability, compassion, counseling, and training for a structured addiction recovery program. Our Bellevue transitional housing program has people from all walks of life who come in with one common enemy–addiction. At our Bellevue transitional housing program, we ensure a clean and safe living environment, a clear and unambiguous process around addiction recovery, and a clear and established path to success in place for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to pursuing it.

Some of the services we provide at our Bellevue transitional housing facilities are as follows:

  • Emotional support
  • Housing support
  • Help to live independently
  • Recovery support
  • Counseling

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Bellevue Supportive Housing


Addiction is a common issue and can be defeated with proper counseling, the right environment, and the sheer will to do so. Our Bellevue supportive housing program can help you achieve your goals and once again live to the fullest. We know it works! It works not just because we say it does, but because it has successfully rehabilitated many Bellevue supportive housing residents. Our Bellevue supportive housing is a structured addiction recovery program that residents can benefit from, right from the very first day they arrive at our facility.

Some of the problems that our Bellevue supportive housing can help you with are the following:

  • Overcome addiction
  • Overcome alcohol dependency
  • Overcome substance abuse
  • Overcome negative feelings

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Bellevue Sober Living Home


If you want to start over and give being sober a shot, then our Bellevue sober living home can help you battle addiction. We are a community-driven Bellevue sober living home facility that has worked wonders for many of our residents in the past. Our Bellevue sober living home offers the care, experts, environment, and most of all, the guidance to make this transformational journey. We know it is not easy, but with our Bellevue sober living home community standing with you in your every step upwards, the miles become shorter and the journey worthwhile.

At our Bellevue sober living home, you can benefit from these features:

  • Clean and safe living environment,
  • Unambiguous addiction recovery process
  • Established path to addiction recovery
  • Addiction support groups

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