Bothell Transitional Housing


Are you searching for transitional housing in Bothell, WA, and its surrounding areas where you can get support before you enter the real world after alcohol or drug rehab? You have come to the right place. At AAHAA Sober Living, we have an advanced Bothell transitional housing facility where you can take shelter until you are ready to be on your own or after coming from rehabilitation. We have been in this profession for a long time now, and our Bothell transitional housing facility has hosted countless homeless and rehabilitation returnees.

Our supportive Bothell transitional housing space is the reason why we are known as one of the best sober living homes in the area.

Give us a call if you or anyone you know is homeless and requires a transitional home. We are always open to people in need and welcome people willing to follow our requirements to be part of our loving community. Reach out to us if you are looking for the following:

  • Transitional housing for families
  • THP program
  • Transitional living homes
  • Homeless transitional facility

Call AAHAA Sober Living if you are prospecting for Bothell transitional housing.

(253) 246-1613

Bothell Supportive Housing


To live with the most caring, loving, and engaging community of people, enroll in our Bothell supportive housing. We have extensive experience in hosting people from all walks of life and helping them in all possible ways at our Bothell supportive housing facility. We understand that for an economically disadvantaged person or someone who has returned after rehabilitation, a healthy Bothell supportive housing environment is crucial. Therefore, we extend every support in our power to ensure the residents of our Bothell supportive housing facility have safe, comfortable shelter and achieve their goals.

We have well-appointed residential spaces that are conducive to peaceful and satisfactory living. Over the years, we have formed a closely-knit community where people interact and help each other in their journey. Trust us for the following:

  • Supportive housing
  • Rent support
  • Housing support
  • Housing support program

Call AAHAA Sober Living if you are searching for a reputable Bothell supportive housing facility.

(253) 246-1613

Bothell Sober Living Home


Our Bothell sober living home is well-equipped to give shelter to people coming from inpatient facilities and other similar places. Our Bothell sober living home works as a bridge between treatment centers and the real world for individuals who have recovered from substance abuse. Such people require support to transition back smoothly into daily life, which is precisely what our Bothell sober living home provides.

Our Bothell sober living home can prevent recovered people from relapsing and helps them live the life they have always dreamt of. Choose us if you are in search of the following:

  • Halfway house
  • Recovery houses near me
  • Sober living facility
  • Clean and sober housing

Call AAHAA Sober Living if you are looking for a Bothell sober living home.

(253) 246-1613