Covington Transitional Housing


AAHAA Sober Living is a community of people in recovery providing transitional housing services in Covington, WA for other people in recovery. Covington transitional housing aims to support people through a rehabilitation program. Our transitional housing facilities are available for those who are willing to embrace a positive change. As change can be uncomfortable, transitional housing gives you access to new habits and routines that will make your healing process more pleasant. With a flexible approach, we offer supportive Covington transitional housing to combat the ravages of addiction.

Covington transitional housing is part of our initiative to effectively fight this disease that affects many people and their families. Get in touch if interested in:

  • Sober living homes
  • Transitional living program
  • Temporary housing assistance
  • Youth transitional housing

Call AAHAA Sober Living to learn more about Covington transitional housing.

(253) 246-1613

Covington Supportive Housing


Over the years, we have expanded our network of Covington supportive housing to assist more people suffering from alcoholism and other addictions. The success of our Covington supportive housing initiative is based on a mix of accountability, compassion, counseling and training. The residents of our Covington supportive housing not only advance in their recovery, but also in many cases, become part of the team. Our supportive housing offers a clean and safe environment, with a clear and unambiguous process around recovery.

Covington supportive housing is an established program available for those seeking:

  • Housing for men
  • Housing for women
  • Housing for recovering alcoholics
  • Housing for recovering addicts

Reach out to AAHAA Sober Living to begin your recovery in our Covington supportive housing facilities.

(253) 246-1613

Covington Sober Living Home


A Covington sober living home is a fantastic opportunity to experience a clear and sober house. In a sober living home, recovering alcoholics and addicts find a safe place to continue their recovery. A Covington sober living home offers a smooth transition back to the community, opening the door to a new way of life.

With a structured, supervised environment, a sober living home supports sobriety while encouraging autonomy. Our Covington sober living home has partnered with local authorities to accompany our clients in every stage of their recovery.

You are welcome at our Covington sober living home whenever you are ready for:

  • Halfway house
  • Recovery house
  • Sober living facility
  • Sober living environment

Contact AAHAA Sober Living if you or a loved one is in need of a Covington sober living home.

(253) 246-1613