Fairwood Transitional Housing


Are you looking for the best option in transitional housing in the Fairwood, WA area? If so, then you have found it! Since 2008, AAHAA Sober Living has been helping people get back to normal living after becoming sober and overcoming their addictive ways.

We offer a Fairwood transitional housing plan that combines compassionate attention, individual counseling and targeted training to help our residents with rehabilitation. The other key features of our Fairwood transitional housing program are integrity and accountability. Our supportive housing facility operates on the principle that the success of a de-addiction program is dependent on the willingness of those who pursue it.

Get in touch with us if you or a loved one needs Fairwood transitional housing support for overcoming:

  • Substance abuse
  • Addiction
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcoholism

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Fairwood Supportive Housing


Our Fairwood supportive housing program has been carefully designed to produce life-changing results that sustain for a long time. Through the sober living home, we provide our residents with a special place where they help themselves, and each other turn their lives around to become productive, cherished members of the community.

We offer at our Fairwood supportive housing system all the amenities and tools necessary for breaking the shackles of substance addiction. The basic and specialized requirements that are met by our Fairwood supportive housing program include:

  • Accommodation facility
  • Food and utility support
  • Recovery assistance
  • Emotional support
  • Life skills training

Our tried-and-tested Fairwood supportive housing program has helped numerous men and women get back to leading addiction-free, productive lives.

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Fairwood Sober Living Home


We provide a welcoming, tolerant and encouraging environment at our Fairwood sober living home. Though we ask our residents for a strong commitment towards our transitional housing program, they are supported wholeheartedly with all possible resources for a successful fight against addiction.

Our Fairwood sober living home staff is always vigilant and works with the residents as a cohesive team. Our clean and safe Fairwood sober living home adopts a clear, unambiguous process for addiction recovery.

Come to us if you are committed to abstinence and ready to follow our Fairwood sober living home rules. Contact today to know more about our:

  • Sober living house
  • Sober living facility
  • Halfway house
  • Sober house

Call AAHAA Sober Living for a Fairwood sober living home!

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