Kent Transitional Housing


AAHAA Sober Living is a reputable transitional housing provider in Kent, WA, helping the victims of alcoholism or addictions on their journey towards sobriety. In addition to transitional housing, we provide support in various ways to our residents through several community partners. To be eligible for our Kent transitional housing, you must be clean and sober for at least 72 hours prior.

Our Kent transitional housing program will act as a catalyst to your willingness to change and get your life back in order. But the commitment toward your goal needs to come from within. Through Kent transitional housing, our 12-step program, and a good amount of faith in yourself, sobriety has never been more attainable.

We can assist you with numerous transitional housing inquiries, including:

  • Transitional living program
  • Transitional housing for women
  • Transitional housing for men
  • Transitional homes

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Kent Supportive Housing


In most scenarios, the foremost step toward sobriety is moving to a Kent supportive housing facility to ensure an abundance of support and assistance during your journey. We ensure you get all the help and encouragement you need to keep up your level of commitment at our Kent supportive housing.

We have a few basic eligibility requirements for our Kent supportive housing. In addition, we provide our residents with food and utilities, internet and long-distance phone access, and individual counseling support, among other things. Through constant support at our Kent supportive housing, we will ensure that we do not let your resolve be in vain.

You can reach out to our supportive housing program to obtain help for various troubles such as:

  • Substance abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Alcohol dependence
  • Drug abuse

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Kent Sober Living Home


At our Kent sober living home, you will be within a community of recovering men and women on the same path as yours. Being among the people who can understand what you are going through can be motivating. The 12-step program that we follow at our Kent sober living home has demonstrated remarkable results and helped many people escape addiction.

Our Kent sober living home program is designed to help fulfill your potential, stay clean, and provide you with a platform to recalibrate your life. The dedicated team at our Kent sober living home will be available round-the-clock for any assistance you might need during your stay.

You can count on our sober living home for comprehensive support, including these programs:

  • Recovery support
  • Emotional support
  • Counseling services
  • Training seminars

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