King County Transitional Housing


Are you looking for transitional housing in King County, WA? You have come to the right place since AAHAA Sober Living is here for you.

Our King County transitional housing refers to a supportive – yet temporary – kind of accommodation which is meant to bridge the gap from homelessness to permanent housing through providing supervision, structure, support for mental health and addictions among others.

In our King County transitional housing, we ensure that our participants get support and case management in rebuilding their life skills. Our King County transitional housing will also prepare them for moving into independent and permanent living.

Our King County transitional housing provides:

  • Young adult transition
  • Transitional housing for couples
  • Transitional housing for families
  • Transitional housing for homeless

Are you worried where to get affordable King County transitional housing? Worry not! Call AAHAA Sober Living today.

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King County Supportive Housing


Looking for King County supportive housing? Worry no more! Our King County supportive housing offers stable housing at an affordable rate.

Research has demonstrated that people who seek King County supportive housing are more likely to be engaged in their treatment and recovery process while the process is less likely to use expensive hospital and crisis response services.

AAHAA Sober Living assists people transitioning from substance use disorder (SUD) or psychiatric problems to find housing and acquire a King County supportive housing subsidy. Our team can help individuals connect with community supports like primary care, behavioral health treatment and employment services.

Our services include:

  • Supportive housing for mental health
  • Supportive housing for drug abuse
  • Supportive housing services
  • Transition housing

For more information concerning our King County supportive housing and other services we offer, please reach out to AAHAA Sober Living today.

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King County Sober Living Home


Our King County Sober living home is aimed to help people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, psychiatric problems among others. If you or your loved ones are trying to stop using drugs and drinking, our King County Sober living home may be an option for you.

Living in our King County Sober living home environment could promote lasting recovery, helping you or your loved one to maintain sobriety as one tries to adjust to life both during and after treatment.

Most individuals use our King County Sober living home to help them make the transition from rehabilitation to living self-reliantly without using alcohol or drugs.

Our King County Sober living home offers:

  • Sober living home services
  • Sober living homes for women
  • Sober living home for men
  • Sober living programs

Do not struggle looking for a King County Sober living home. We are available 24/7 and ensure effective services. Call AAHAA Sober Living today.

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