Mercer Island Transitional Housing


When you find yourself in AAHAA Sober Living sponsored Mercer Island transitional housing, you will find yourself with access to critical, family like support in your journey to recovery. Our Mercer island transitional housing, along with our dedication to faith, and the 12-step program, mean sobriety has never been more attainable.

Finding yourself as a part of the supportive family here at AAHAA Sober Living, and in our transitional housing, can be crucial in enabling you to take those first steps on your journey towards a better you. Through our Mercer Island transitional housing we will be able to help you:

  • Overcome addiction
  • Find work
  • Stay sober
  • Overcome substance abuse
  • Stay clean

Mercer Island transitional housing can provide the help and support you need. AAHAA Sober Living are proud to be able to offer you the Mercer Island transitional housing support you need.

If you need Mercer Island transitional housing, get in touch with AAHAA Sober Living today! (253) 246-1613

Mercer Island Supportive Housing


When you join the AAHAA Mercer Island supportive housing scheme, you join the community of recovering men and women who use our support, 12-step program, and faith to better themselves. The Mercer Island supportive housing we offer is the first step to sobriety and becoming the best version of yourself. The AAHAA Sober Living family strive to help you, but you must help yourself too, the first step is Mercer Island supportive housing.

The Mercer Island supportive housing program offered by us at AAHAA Sober Living will offer you:

  • Support
  • Case management
  • Counselling services
  • Recovery aid
  • Life skills and training seminars

If you need assistance on your journey towards sobriety and help to stay clean, then the AAHAA Sober Living supportive housing is the help you need!

For more information on our Mercer Island supportive housing program, get in touch with AAHAA Sober Living today! (253) 246-1613

Mercer Island Sober Living Home


A Mercer Island sober living home is crucial on your journey to recovery. At AAHAA Sober Living we know that Mercer Island sober living homes are critical to helping you take those first steps, we also provide all the necessary support you need while there. A AAHAA Sober Living sponsored, Mercer Island sober living home is what you need.

At AAHAA Sober Living, our Mercer Island sober living homes, coupled with our faith, 12-step program, and family like support will help you kick your:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Drug dependance
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol dependance
  • Substance abuse

For help with your addictions, and to help you fulfill your potential for a sober life, get into a AAHAA Sober Living sponsored Mercer Island sober living home.

Mercer Island sober living homes, provided by AAHAA Sober Living, could be what you need to start your journey to a better, more fulfilled life. Get in touch today at (253) 246-1613.