Redmond Transitional Housing


If you are questioning yourself, “Can drug addiction be overcome?” then the answer is, of course! For this, you can visit us at AAHAA Sober Living and spend some time in our transitional housing facility near Redmond, WA. Here we will give you counseling, practical help, and training to help you say goodbye to your addiction. You can learn more about our registration process by calling our team near Redmond.

Our Redmond transitional housing community will also help you develop practical skills and self-confidence. It allows you to recover fast and even gives you control over your life. Besides, if you are struggling with social anxiety due to your addiction, we can guide you in this as well. We offer these services at our Redmond transitional housing:

  • Drug counseling
  • Depression groups
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Life skills training

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Redmond Supportive Housing


Our Redmond supportive housing facility is affordable and gives you lasting advice on making your life better. We even offer some sober living home services like individual counseling, life skills training, etc. If you are worried about the ambiance you will experience at our Redmond facility, then worry not because we offer a pleasant and friendly environment.

At our Redmond supportive housing, we have an empathetic crew that takes good care of all the residents. We encourage our patients to be fully independent. Also, we conduct regular seminars to divert the patients’ minds from addictions and negative behaviors. You can choose our Redmond supportive housing facilities if you need the following:

  • Housing support
  • Prevention of substance use and abuse
  • Alcohol abuse recovery
  • Anxiety management

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Redmond Sober Living Home


Because our Redmond sober living home has strict rules, it is easy for you to stay on track with the recovery process. To learn about the rules or information, you can get in touch with us today. Our Redmond transitional housing or supportive housing facility is also not gender or age-specific.

We offer several programs at our Redmond sober living home to help you recover without worrying about a setback. Undoubtedly this process will take time, but it is for your good. It will help you live your life peacefully, so come to us and register today. These are some of the Redmond sober living home features we provide:

  • Case management
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Public transportation easily accessible
  • Smart recovery

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