Shoreline Transitional Housing


Looking for the best transitional housing in Shoreline, WA? Then you are in luck. AAHAA Sober Living is the top Shoreline transitional housing that has helped many people come clean and never go back to their addictive ways. Our Shoreline transitional housing model uses a proven mix of accountability, compassion, counseling, and training for a structured addiction recovery program. But you have to let us help you by committing to the Shoreline transitional housing programs and workshops. We require you to be clean and sober for 72 hours before entry, and from there, we commit to a journey together towards sobriety!

Our Shoreline transitional housing community and programs support you in your goals:

  • Overcome addiction
  • Overcome alcohol dependency
  • Overcome substance abuse
  • Live a better life

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Shoreline Supportive Housing


They say "Where there is a will, there is a way.” With Shoreline supportive housing, there is a way which many have trod before and have come out clean. Our Shoreline supportive housing is a special place for all those who are fighting against addiction and looking for a better way of life. The tried and tested approach has shown life-changing results, motivating our Shoreline supportive housing staff to get up every morning. We are a community-driven Shoreline supportive housing system that provides you access to all basic amenities such as clean rooms, food, laundry, and internet.

But what sets our Shoreline supportive housing apart is our programs:

  • Emotional support
  • Accommodation support
  • Help to live independently
  • Recovery support
  • Housing support

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Shoreline Sober Living Home


Overcoming addiction alone can be daunting for a person, especially when they struggle to break free from the grips of routine and habits. Shoreline sober living home can help you break the vicious circle and welcomes you in with both arms wide open. We believe addiction, with sheer will, change of environment, and the power of community, can be defeated. Shoreline sober living home has helped many people fighting their alcohol addiction, and now they give back to the community by sharing their journey and experiences that helped them. Shoreline sober living home is committed to helping you live a better life and make sure you feel at home with us.

When choosing Shoreline sober living home, you are walking into:

  • clean and safe living environment,
  • an unambiguous addiction recovery process
  • established path to addiction recovery
  • Addiction Support groups to share your journey with

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