Tacoma Transitional Housing


Tacoma transitional housing provided by AAHAA Sober Living is a program designed to get you back on your feet, enabling you to start walking your path towards addiction recovery. At AAHAA Sober Living, we work together, and with our shared experiences and our Tacoma transitional housing, we will help you find your way forward!

With our inspirational success stories, our graduating alumni lead productive and substance abuse free lives, they all started with Tacoma transitional housing. Our Tacoma transitional housing will help you with your:

  • Substance abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Alcohol dependance
  • Drug abuse
  • Drug dependance

With a clean and safe living environment, Tacoma transitional housing sponsored by AAHAA Sober Living provides you with a clear and unambiguous process to work towards addiction recovery,

In need of support? Then Tacoma transitional housing provided by AAHAA Sober Living could be the answer! Call us today at (253) 246-1613.

Tacoma Supportive Housing


AAHAA Sober Living is a community of recovering men and women, through our Tacoma supportive housing initiative, a 12 step program and faith we will help you work towards our common goal. Tacoma supportive housing is critical in helping you on your journey to a new you, and AAHAA Sober Living are here to help. Through our Tacoma supportive housing we will be able to offer you individual counselling services and grant you access to life skills training and seminars.

Our Tacoma supportive housing can help you, just as we, here at AAHAA Sober Living have helped countless others before you with:

  • Recovery support
  • Housing support
  • Food support
  • Utility support
  • Employment support

At AAHAA Sober Living, our Tacoma supportive housing provides you with linen, laundry and bath facilities, utilities, and food, meaning you can focus on your self-improvement journey.

Tacoma supportive housing through AAHAA Sober Living could be what you need to kickstart your journey of change. Call us today at (253) 246-1613.

Tacoma Sober Living Home


Being in a Tacoma sober living home is the ideal first step on your journey towards recovery and self-betterment, AAHAA Sober Living has experience in helping people will all manners of addictions make a better life for themselves. To get into one of our sober living homes you need to have a commitment to abstinence and a willingness to follow the house rules set by AAHAA Sober Living.

A Tacoma sober living home, sponsored by AAHAA Sober Living can help you:

  • Stay sober
  • Stay clean
  • Find work
  • Overcome addiction
  • Overcome substance abuse

For help with any of these issues, get into a AAHAA Sober Living sponsored Tacoma sober living home as soon as possible.

If you need a Tacoma sober living home, get in touch with AAHAA Sober Living, we understand addiction and alcoholism and are here to help! Call us now at (253) 246-1613.