I was living on the streets in Seattle, for 10 years. I moved to a clean and sober house in Kent for probably a year and I was still using. I was having trouble at the other clean and sober house, so I ran away, I ran to Kent, and I ended up in Panther Lake in Kent by the library. So I stayed there for like 3 months and my dad said “I found you a place.” And he brought me here and I went to sort of humor him, I didn’t think I was gonna be clean and sober or anything like that.

The housing I’m at now, majority of the people coming in this house, seem like they genuinely want to get clean, there’s no drug activity. I’ve been around it a couple times and I’ve been like no, I’m gonna leave. The other day I found a pen that had been smoked with, and you can put water in it, and smoke it and it'll give you some sort of high. I thought to myself “Okay I have this pen, I could get high right now and nobody would know.” I said, “No, I can’t do that.”

Current Client

If you use and all of a sudden they’re like “Okay you’re getting a pee test,” like your heart sinks into your stomach. That's a terrible feeling. Today, I’ve been sober for 2 years. My favorite part of living at AAHAA are the the holidays. Rod, the house manager, always does all sorts of stuff, puts lights up, and decorates. It feels homey.



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