AAHAA Supportive Housing is a structured addiction recovery program, with a proven mix of accountability, compassion, counseling, and training – well established and readily available for our residents to take advantage of starting from the very first day they arrive.

We know the program works. We celebrate in the success of our clients, so we see firsthand what a new way of life looks like. We have seen the joy on the faces of our residents’ loved ones when for the first time in years they realize that a cherished member of their family has turned their life around and is back to stay. It is these success stories that drive our team, and it is these success stories that keep all of us dedicated to what we do – even in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances that fighting this disease can sometimes present. At AAHAA, we keep the faith.

AAHAA is a place for hope. A place to begin your recovery. We will not tell you when you get here, that things will be easy. That is not who we are. Instead, we will show you a clear path toward a better way of life, and we will be there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

So for those of you that are ready for a New Way of Life, we are here for you. Let’s Get Started!

Our Story.

Told by those who have walked similar paths toward recovery.

Since 2008, AAHAA Supportive Housing has been leading the way in South King County at the forefront of Addiction Recovery. We employ a modern and flexible approach to combating the ravages of addiction. We have learned through our shared experiences that the most effective way to fight this disease is with integrity and honesty – and with a willingness to come together under a common purpose to hold each other accountable. AAHAA is built on the foundation of coming together as a group – our cornerstone concept is as powerful today as it was at our founding – we work together.

Over the years, AAHAA Supportive Housing has grown from a single facility to sixteen facilities. This growth is the result of our tried and true approach to what we do. The success of the AAHAA organization is shared by all of our residents, and, in many ways, is largely due to our residents’ willingness to get involved with what we are doing. Often, our residents end up as more than just a client, but indeed, they become part of the team. Therefore, AAHAA Supportive Housing is built on the foundation of the people that dedicate themselves to our program and through the unsolicited effort these people give to the program to make it better. We are proud of this achievement.

We start with a clean and safe living environment, a clear and unambiguous process around addiction recovery, and with a clear and established path to success in place for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to pursuing it. We then stay vigilant around supporting our residents in achieving the ultimate goal in addiction recovery: Successful re-entry into a productive and meaningful life. We believe that through our faith in God, there is always a way forward for those who are willing to stay committed to working our process. This belief and message of hope permeate every process, every policy, and every resource that we provide to our clients.

Successful AAHAA alumni lead productive and substance abuse free lives – giving back to the very community they may have once taken from in the past. With their inspirational success stories, they make a difference in other people’s lives on a daily basis. This is the legacy of the AAHHA Supportive Housing program, and each and every member of our staff has dedicated themselves to this lofty but necessary ideal: To turn people’s lives around, making the communities we live and work in better places.

Alcoholics & Addicts Helping Alcoholics & Addicts



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