I heard about the program through WeCare, the Methadone Clinic, and I've always heard great things. I’m fortunate enough to have the city of Auburn pay my rent for 3 years. Actually, This is what motivated me to go into in-patient treatment.

I completed it and I’ve just been so happy with my house, my roommates, they’re all awesome, all supportive, all living clean. And I’m lucky enough to have Teresa there, who cooks meals for us.

It’s like a really fun community and it keeps me accountable and I’m just super excited to have a program like this that does keep me accountable, going to meetings, making sure I’m clean, the possible UA’s, it’s just like on top of my stuff at WeCare, I have this and I’m just so fortunate to have it.

Current Client

My end goal at AAHAA is to get a good foundation of my sobriety, going to get a job, and then save some money, a good security blanket for me when I do move out. And just the connections through meeting people here and having that good structure. I’m already building a lot of good sober relationships.



817 HARVEY ROAD NE, WA 98002