I was fortunate to find AAHAA after I got sober last year. They are a wonderful and supportive team. They have beautiful homes to offer in different cities and try to place you in a house with people who have the same type of personality or the best house manager for you.

They offer 2 weekly classes at the office. The staff and Owner really care and assist you in every way to help you with your recovery. Before finding AAHAA, I heard horror stories of sober living houses in which some included more drugs in the environment. This is NOT the case here! They provide structure, weekly check ins, etc., and responsible House Managers. They do not judge for your mistakes if you are honest. For most of us in recovery here, we try to root for one another and going to the meetings is a great way to be supportive of all the people that are living in the other houses. And from what I have seen from many that have been here for a couple of years, it is a family type feeling and support that has grown with the Case Managers and Management.

Cannot say enough good things about this Company. I haven’t came across one person, including ones that had to leave the program, say anything but positive things about staff, Management, Case Workers, or the Owner. They have saved many lives. including mine for sure! There are programs that AAHAA works with to get your Rent paid for, REACH being one of them!”

Alumni Client



817 HARVEY ROAD NE, WA 98002