Tammy P.

AAHAA Registered Nurse

Tammi received her Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology in 1994. She continued her education and became a Registered Nurse in 2015. As a registered nurse, she has provided care in many facets of nursing. She has worked inpatient as a Labor and Delivery nurse, multi platforms of chronic care management and supporting patients within the judicial-correctional system. Over her career she has focused on a lifetime of education for growth and to offer the best she can giver to her patients. In 2018 she received her certification in Chronic Care and Transition Management. Her passion is assisting patients and their families during difficult and stressful times -to help facilitate them in their time of need. Tammi’s focus is understanding the needs and goals of her patients, and then working together to create a care plan that will help them live their best quality of life. Tammi is the Registered Nurse for the AAHAA Acute Needs and Partial Hospitalization Platform.



817 HARVEY ROAD NE, WA 98002