While loved ones want to help, we're not always ready to accept their support. This blog is a reassurance that by being open to assistance we can validate that we are in fact, not alone in our journeys.

Mark Hampton

9/27/20211 min read

Hello All,

Have you ever felt like you are all alone? Maybe you feel like that right now? Perhaps, everywhere you turn feels like a dead-end? Maybe those who love and care about you seem far away or unreachable. Maybe it even feels like those who say they love you, aren’t there for you, and/or they don’t really care any longer. Well, all of those are valid feelings and emotions. However, speaking from personal experience,

Those who loved me even in my darkest times, when I felt all alone, really did love me still.

They loved me so much that all they wanted was for me to get some help. See, they tried to help me many times before, but looking back, I was not ready to receive their help. It truly broke their hearts to watch me go through my struggles alone, when all I had to do was allow myself to get some help. Maybe I should have said, “Be ready for help and really want it!" I needed to be ready to do some real work on myself along with being able to handle the discomfort of change.

- Mark


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