Checking In

The author reassures readers that making a wrong choice doesn't define their worth or potential for success.

Mark Hampton

7/26/20221 min read

Hello All,

I hope everyone is headed down the right path. If not get back on it! Dust yourself off and begin again. It is OK! Just because we fall off our path does not mean we are bad people, it does not mean we’re not going to be successful, it simply means we made the wrong choice at the time.

There is no shame in starting over.

Millions upon Millions do it all the time. Whether, some start their careers over, relationships, locations, schooling, and so many more things are pathways of new beginnings. Sometimes we have to fall several times and get back up to be successful.

If we never fail then how do we ever appreciate when we succeed?

Failing is part of life and part of learning. God is always there to grab you by the hand, the same way He has done for me. God bless you all!! Now get up and walk forward! If you need any help please do not hesitate to reach out 253-735-0665.

- Mark


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