Checking In - Decompress

Mark emphasizes the importance of decompressing as a crucial part of their personal journey of change and growth.

Mark Hampton

2/7/20231 min read

Hello All,

I hope everyone is safe and well. We have been very busy setting up new component’s and platforms within our Housing Program. We have added true wrap-around services, hired a Psychiatrist, started a home for men and women who have acute needs and opened our PHP Home (Partial Hospitalization). With all these new platforms it sure keeps a guy busy! Thankful for God and my support in my life to help keep me balanced. There are times when things get a little stressful and I need to pause and take time to DECOMPRESS. DECOMPRESSING is and has become very important to me since the beginning of my journey down the path of change.

I have learned that I too, need to take time to decompress which aids in my ability to recharge and keep going with a good attitude.

I am truly grateful for the wonderful things I have learned since the beginning from those of you who have taken the time to share life skills/coping skills with me. I am truly grateful and thankful for those men and women who have taken the time to walk alongside me on my journey. God Bless you ALL,

- Mark


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