Going Through It To Get Through It

We acknowledge the challenges and difficulties that people may face during the Holiday season with their addiction recovery. Mark's philosophy, "We have to go through it to get through it," emphasizes that there are no shortcuts or easy solutions to life's problems. Try to approach difficult emotions as temporary, much like leaves floating down a stream, and allow oneself to feel them without judgment.

Mark Hampton

2/24/20222 min read

Hello Everyone,

I hope this finds you all doing well. I know Christmas is fast approaching and may not be something we are looking forward to for a variety of reasons. There may be many of you who cannot spend that time with family or loved ones for different reasons. I have learned that there are no easy ways to get through hard times, moments of depression, loneliness, sadness, homelessness, and addiction/recovery.

However, I coined a phrase long ago, “We have to go through it to get through it!" I truly believe this philosophy.

There are no shortcuts, no pills I can take, no receipt for the issue which would allow me to avoid the discomfort of what I may be dealing with.

What I have learned a lot of those feelings are just that, feelings, and those are just moments in my head. Those feelings are like leaves floating down a stream, they eventually pass by.

I don’t have to chase after them, I can just acknowledge that they are there temporarily and move right along down the stream if I allow them. I find it helpful if I just look at my feelings that way, leaves on a stream/river, and allow myself to feel those temporary emotions. When I approach those feelings that way, I am better equipped to Go Through it to get through it!

In recovery, there are no simple solutions to our problems in life. Whether we are in recovery or not, we are going to experience difficult moments/seasons in our lives. The strategy should be, we will not only go through it, but we will eventually get through it! Those very moments/seasons regardless of what they are will pass. Furthermore, those challenges in our lives will develop a certain endurance, perseverance, and resilience within us which will be useful when we experience our next situation down the road. I’m not saying all experiences are the same or minimal in their impact in our lives, I am simply saying we have to “Go through it, to get through it!"

You can do it!! I believe in you! God bless you and your families.

- Mark


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